What Is CRM Software And Is It Right For Me And My Business?

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By AdFeatures | Tuesday, December 04, 2012, 08:22

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CRM software stands for Customer Relationship Management software and is used massively in businesses that deal with a large number of clients and customers.

The main aim of the software itself is to help with the process of finding the business new clients and attracting them to it, while avoiding losing any existing customers. CRM software also aims to bring former customers back to any business.

This process aims to cut down the cost of marketing for a business. Basically, the software organizes processes that go on into the business such as sales, customer services and support. It maintains customer relationships without you having to worry and is popular with many businesses.

Is It Right For Me And My Business?

After reading what has been said about CRM software above, you may be wondering why you even need to ask this question. This is software which can increase efficiency and can cut down your marketing costs, overall increasing profit: in short it sounds like a win win.

This software though is not suitable for everyone. If an employee does not know how to use the CRM software properly, the process can be difficult to understand, meaning that this software may only be suitable for your business if you have one person that you can solely dedicate to this job, at least until everyone is used to using the CRM software.

Some view the software as hard to understand too meaning that not all of its functions and features are used efficiently and to the best advantage. This means that if the software is not used by a fluent user, some of the benefits of the software may be lost.

If you have the ability to dedicate someone to implementing the software within your company, then you’re really onto a winner.

Ease of Integration

Although it helps if you know your way around the software and the full suite of services on offer, CRM software is easy to integrate with existing office interfaces, such as Microsoft Outlook. It makes customer service tasks such as looking up postcodes, phone numbers and additional administrative tasks easy; while for sales staff you can easily schedule updates and monitor account feedback with ease.

What this means is that you and your business benefit from a decrease in sales cycles and a simple, but extremely effective way to manage your business. It works, which is why so many companies use it to cut waste and increase operational efficiency.



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    Thanks for the great information.
    With the affordability and availability of cloud based social CRM software, there is no longer an excuse for businesses to not utilize CRM. Also, with the advent of social media and its integration into CRM software, social CRM has opened up channels of communication previously unavailable. Therefore, businesses are now held accountable to regularly communicate with the client. After a business has implemented social CRM, the next crucial step is adoption. Adoption amongst the whole company/business is the most important and crucial component, and should be the highest priority in the initial stages of integration. As a client services manager of Greenrope, adoption is a critical recommendation relayed to every individual user. This allows an effective and structured flow of data, immediately alerting employees of leads or customer inquiries. Furthermore, the relationship between the client and business provided through social CRM integration, increases your brand awareness and ROI. These dovetailing components of adoption and the formation of client/business relations, will lead to an increase in revenue as well as strengthening customer retention. Therefore, Customer retention allows the business to gain financial stability, simultaneously establishing a credible reputation through the customer centric focus.

    By Danielyhkim at 20:20 on 08/12/12

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