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  • 78 Dunsmure Road

    Stoke Newington

    N16 5JY


    Getters is the perfect grocers in N16

    I went in Getters grocers late last night (around 11pm) to get a red cabbage. No idea why it's open so late, but it's really useful-especially on the run up to christmas. The man behind the counter has been running it for forever...

  • (2 reviews)

    Pelican Flooring

    178 Stoke Newington Road

    Stoke Newington

    N16 7UY


    Great all-round local service!

    After months of prevarication about how much it was going to cost and how difficult it would be to organise, we finally went down to Pelican Flooring to look at vinyl for my son’s room. The range was good, the chap friendly and...

  • (4 reviews)

    Stoke Newington Bookshop

    159 Stoke Newington High Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 0NY


    Voted one of London's top independent book shops...

    .... A delightful shop to browse in for any number of hours. Children are very welcome and can attend the fortnightly story telling sessions that take place on Sundays. Whilst the shop has a intimate and comfortable local feel-it...

  • (1 review)


    113 Stoke Newington Church Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 0UD


    When you look at the shop you know the flowers will be beautiful

    This is a lovely shop with a huge selection and knowledgeable staff. I always go in when I am passing and never come out empty handed!

  • (1 review)

    Evergreen and Outrageous

    43 Stoke Newington Church St

    Stoke Newington

    N16 0NX


    The best value florists on Church Street

    The ladies here know their stuff when it comes to customer service and will go out of their way to help you out, without trying to squeeze profit out of you. The best value florists on Church Street with great service and lovely...

  • (2 reviews)

    Cousins Furniture Stores Ltd

    770 Warwick Road



    B11 2EW


    Kitchen Design Lancashire Reviews

  • (2 reviews)

    Dunsmure Pharmacy

    90 Dunsmure Road

    Stoke Newington

    N16 5JY


    I wouldn't go anywhere else

    This is a great place. The assistants are friendly and obliging and Mr Cohen, the pharmacist is always helpful and concerned and will offer you a generic equivalent if that’s appropriate and cheaper.. Personally I wouldn’t go...

  • (2 reviews)

    Rose Communications UK Ltd

    72b Oldhill Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 6NA


    Good place friendly service

    I like my local shops and this qualifies as a useful place to go for all my phone needs. Staff have always been friendly and I have recommend the store to colleagues before.

  • (1 review)

    Video Exchange

    66 Stamford Hill

    Stoke Newington

    N16 6XS



    In the days when I found the time to watch films, this was the place to go. I was introduced to it by my best friend whose whole family were dedicated fans. The staff are really lovely lads and they know what they're talking...

  • (1 review)


    North London




    I genuinely love these guys. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them a few weeks ago, and the service was impeccable. The goodies arrived on time and were delicious, plus they send recipe ideas out and the food is seasonally...

  • (2 reviews)

    Rosa Lingerie

    3 Stoke Newington Church Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 0NX


    Rosa underwear shop on Church Street

    Rosa's is really helpful and professional. Went in here after trying other places, uncluding Rigby and Peller without success. Found the service fantastic and they were able to provide me with two fabulous bras. Fairly wide choice...

  • (1 review)

    Knit with attitude

    127 Stoke Newington High Street


    N16 0PH


    Knit with Attitude

    I first heard about “Knit with Attitude” not long after its opening, back in October 2010. Stoke Newington was long overdue a knitting shop and a knitting shop that only provides environmentally friendly yarn fits nicely with the...

  • (2 reviews)

    Shontelle Dry Cleaners

    30 Stamford Hill


    N16 6XZ


    love this place

    loved this place, they had excellent customer service and are very friendly, very cheap prices with very fast next day service. the chap also gave me a discount because of the amount of pieces i brought in. i know I've found my...

  • (2 reviews)

    Benjamin Chemists

    190 Stoke Newington High Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 7JD


    Local and professional

    The staff here are locals and are friendly and professional. The shop sells pretty much anything you need and is quite big so it’s not cramped. It’s convenient and prices are pretty standard.

  • (2 reviews)

    Earlybird Designs

    86 Stoke Newington Church Street


    N16 0AP


    Useful gift shop for useless gifts

    Really useful place to get wrapping paper and cards, as well as useless-but-fun sort of gifts (think rubber ducks dressed as Elvis, and orla kiely tissues). Friendly staff, very stoke-newington-y. The place to go for secret santa...

  • 76 Stoke Newington High Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 7PA


    You won't have a clue what you want, but you'll get it.

    This is your typical builders hardware shop. If you’re not in the trade then you won’t have a clue what to get in there, but you will always come out with exactly what you were looking for. The staff are brilliant – knowledgeable...

  • (3 reviews)

    Hamdy's Newsagent

    167 Stoke Newington High Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 0NY


    Oyster Top Up

    Lovely little place some of the friendliest staff I've ever met! Never felt over charged. can get oyster, sweets and magazines and I can always pick up that emergency birthday card or stationary there too.

  • (2 reviews)

    Diamonds Newsagents

    39 Stoke Newington Church Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 0NX


    Known for its samosas

    Jonny's right, this place is famous for its under the counter samosa supplies! You can get them to make them in bulk if you have an occasion to cater for, or if you just get hooked. Other than that it's a pretty reasonable news...

  • (1 review)

    Film Shop

    177 Stoke Newington Church Street

    Stoke Newington

    N16 0UL


    A million times better than Blockbuster

    A million times better than blockbuster: friendly staff, different selection of films, much smaller than the mainstream places but there are some real gems to be found here.

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